Queer Lady Magician Poster Art NO LOGOS by Sam Dow [Charmingly Antiquated].jpg

Gallery: Queer Lady Magician Live at Melbourne Fringe 2018 by Alexis D. Lea

Stills from the preview run of Queer Lady Magician at Gasworks Art Park for Melbourne Fringe 2018. All photos by Alexis D. Lea.

The Magician: Creatrix Tiara
The Assistant: Bradley Storer
The Dancer: Chelsea Bryne
The MC: Sonia Marcon
Stage Manager: Casper Williams
Audience Volunteer: Ella Jean
Props & Set Design: Bryony Stringer
Lighting: Ashleigh Barnett
Costumes & Hat: Tash O’ Brien
Photo & Editing: Alexis D. Lea Photography / Cat Scratch Studio
Hair, Makeup, Costumes: Self-sourced or on loan from Women’s Circus