Access & Warnings

Queer Lady Magician prioritizes performances in highly (if not fully) accessible venues, both in terms of location and in accommodations for people with disabilities. The specific event detail on the Performances page will discuss access options per event.

Content Warnings

The show is roughly rated MA15+. Adult supervision is recommended for people under 18.

The full show contains:

  • Descriptions & depictions of verbal and emotional abuse

  • Simulated gun violence (toy/non-functioning guns, fake bullets)

  • Character death

  • Statements and actions that are misogynistic, racist, transphobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and ableist

  • References to menstruation (both positive and negative)

  • School bullying (from teachers and students)

  • Sharp objects (blades, scissors)

  • Overt and subtle references to BDSM/kink, sexual health

  • Food (ginger beer or similar)

  • Surprises

  • Coarse/vulgar language

Content Warning Document with Specific Triggers [SPOILERS] (.PDF)

Please contact us if you'd like to enquire about specific triggers.

Access Notes

The show does not have strobe lighting. Camera or other flash is also discouraged, primarily due to cast members' light sensitivity.

There may be sudden sounds, but they are connected to on-stage action and are not intended as jump scares.

There is some audience participation, most of which can be performed without the audience member leaving their seat. At the very most, the audience member may be asked to come to or near the stage. Their involvement is simple, does not involve much physical activity, and they are free to refuse at any time. Only audience members that affirmatively consent to participate will be chosen to do so.

There will be Auslan interpretation for closing night of the Midsumma 2019 season. Auslan will also be looked into for any future seasons of the full show. Performances of excerpts in other settings, such as variety cabarets, may or may not have sign language interpretation depending on the plans of the original producer.

The show is not rated as a relaxed performance. There may be plans for relaxed versions in the future.

The show is primarily in English. There are a few terms in other languages, some of which are immediately translated into English (or whose meaning can be gleaned from context), as well as a few South Asian names mentioned.

The show is currently not visually described. The plot of the show can be followed from dialogue but some of the tricks and plot points may rely on visuals.

Whenever possible, the full show is performed at wheelchair-accessible venues. Excerpts performed in other settings, such as variety cabarets, may or may not be at accessible venues depending on the plans of the original producer.